Eric Hood

I'm a sorta goofy, perfectionist with a really good camera and a propensity to say, "okay," way to often.

Enough of the bravado. I really do have a checkered past. I grew up in Southern California. Learned to surf and say, "dude." Studied photography and writing at Art Center and the American Film Institute. Worked at TBWA\Chiat\Day. Spent some time in San Francisco. Moved to Paris. Learned to speak like a Spanish cow. Tried Miami for a bit. Met a girl. Made a girl. Now, I live in Fort Collins of all gosh darn places.

So, if that doesn't smack your eyeballs with a yearning to drink in my beautiful and sometimes spectacularly amazing images, you might want to try sloshing them with camel spit. It makes everything look beautiful if you don't go blind.

Want to see more of my work?  Shoot me an email or use your voice and we'll set something up.

C'mon. What are you waiting for?